"Critic's Pick. Brilliantly observed....strong performances and seamless, probing dialogue generate sequences of subtly shifting emotions, filling each scene with a palpable sense of tension and discomfort." - New York Magazine

"A shrewdly psychological first feature...coaxes melodrama from first-person naturalism and smartly blends the allure of genre with do-it-yourself intimacy." - Richard Brody, The New Yorker

"One of the year's most buzzed about indie films." - Steve Dollar, Wall St Journal

"Green is the kind of fiction feature that restores our faith in independent cinema...Deftly crafted. Beautifully shot. [A] nuanced and evocative debut." - Flavorpill

"Visually striking...One of the most intellectually compelling pieces in quite some time. A well crafted, surreal take on a neo-neo realistic narrative, unlike anything you're bound to see. Green is easily one of the best films from this year's SXSW slate." - Criterion Cast

"9 out of 10. In Green, Takal has definitely encapsulated the gamut of feelings that run through the mind of one struggling with the idea that their lover is going astray. Green is a case study in human emotion-the worst kinds of emotion. Admirable indeed. I couldn't get enough and wanted more." - Smells Like Screen Spirit

"Green feels incredibly organic and real. Takal doesn't go cliche with her film, she goes for emotion, intelligence and an inherent relatability...beautifully shot...a stunning score by Ernesto Carcamo...A wonderful first feature. GREEN is a film with amny layers a fitting accomplishment for the similarly multi-layered Takal." - Gordon and the Whale

"Bold...Effectively haunting. 'Green' announces the arrival of a young storyteller with a unique vision." - Indiewire

"Reminiscent of somewhat early David Gordon Green in the way that jittery emotional undercurrent is at odds with the bucolic settingand populated by characters that are not alotogether likeable, Green is an ultimately rewarding drama." - Box Office Magazine